10 ideas to decorate your walls when you are not allowed to put anything up on walls in a rental place
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When you are renting a flat or a house, your landlord can be demanding and not allow you to make holes in the walls and thus you just feel you have no freedom to personalize your new home ! 

Here are 10 ideas to let your creativity talk and keep your landlord happy !!

1- Use masking-tape

Thanks to these colorful masking-tapes you can create decorative shapes or frames around nice pictures on your walls. 

2- Use re-useable adhesive which holds up or sticks down almost everything

You can hang light strings or little frames for example. 

3- Put stickers wherever you want

Stickers can be put on walls without causing damage and even on tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. 

4- Create an original bedhead

5- Have fun with colorful curtains

Have your curtains far on the left and the right of your windows, they will give life to your walls. 

6- Play with stacked boxes

You can paint them in different colors or cover them with papers 

7- Put plants everywhere

Try to hang them if you can and put some on the window sill

8- Get a very big mirror on the floor or a decorative ladder

9- Bring a fake fireplace 

and add many candles in it !

10- And if your walls are still too white, choose colorful pieces of furniture to counter-balance 


I hope that it will help you to enjoy your rental place and feel at home 🙂

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