10 mistakes in decoration to avoid !
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I like to give you details about what to do but today I would like to point out general mistakes I have often seen. It should help you not to do the same ones.

1- Copy-pasting exactly what you see in magazines, social medias or at your neighbours’ !

Of course it is absolutely fine to get inspiration from magazines and what the others do ! But the mistake would be to do exactly the same choices. The result would be that you wouldn’t feel at your own home.

2- Having over-sized furniture

It is important to choose the size of your pieces of furniture according to the size of your space ! I have so often seen far too big sofas. And then you can’t move around anymore. You must keep in mind how you are going to move inside your space. There are distances to respect between your sofa and the coffee table or around your dining-table. If your dining-table is too long and the chairs too close one to another, it will not be comfortable at all !

3- Too dark or too bright colours

If you choose dark colours, be careful not to exagerate. The risk is that finally the atmosphere starts to be sad and depressing. On the contrary, when there are too many, bright colours, it can be aggressive, oppressive. It seems joyful but when it is too much, it just lacks elegance.

4- Having too many pieces of furniture

It often happens when we accumulate pieces of furniture from all the different periods of our life, and also from the previous generations. When there are too many, you just can’t breathe anymore and feel hooked in the past, instead of moving forward.

5- Having messy spaces

Of course everyone makes his own choices, but when it is too messy, it is difficult to feel well and comfortable ! I think it is crucial at a time, to be able to tidy and get rid of things.

6- Too white

You may not agree but when the decoration is all white, the space is loosing personality, charm and it looks cold, like in a hospital.

7- Too much or not enough light

It depends on spaces : a kitchen or a bathroom will require more light than a bedroom. The ideal is to have various sources of lighting so that you can create different scenarios of lighting.

8- A house like a museum / not enough accessories

Our house is not a museum. It doesn’t have to be all tidy. let’s live for real !!  So it is important to have enough personal  accessories, to have magazines on the tables, a few toys in the living-room etc.

9- Forgetting the windows

Curtains are really important. When you forget them, your decoration is not so warm, like not finished. And there are so many choices of fabrics so it is a shame not to use them !!

10- Letting walls empty.

Walls are such a great playground ! On walls, you can have walls, paint, photos, paintings, mirrors…


Like us, our decoration does not have to be perfect !! But sometimes we are making a few mistakes and it prevents us from feeling really well at home ! So make a few changes and everything will be fine 😉

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