10. My house : 5 pieces of advice from my own experience !
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After having my house shown in the magazine Hús og Híbyli, I thought I could use my own house and experience to give you avice and tips !

Why did I choose it ?

The good thing about being an interior decorator is that it is easy for me to imagine ourselves or not in a place, despite its drawbacks. So I concentrated on the things I couldn’t change later.
– The location was great ! In Álftanes, at the end of a road, with a large view !
– The general layout, drawing of the house ! The house has large windows to let the natural light come inside. There are 3 big kids’ bedrooms, a large open living-space, 2 bathrooms etc.
All these elements are things I couln’t create later as I just can’t push the walls further !
And I decided not to worry of the negative aspects, the things that were damaged or needed to be fixed. Just because I knew I could change it later, step by step.
Advice 1: Focus on things that can’t be changed. The rest will be solved when you are ready to. But try and calculate the global budget for this, to avoid being disappointed.

The kids’ bedrooms

We knew that the most important was that our children were happy and comfortable in their new house. So the first thing we did was painting and decorating their 3 bedrooms.
Advice 2: do not hesitate to let your kids choose the colours, harmony and even wallpapers for their universe. Have them involved ! They will be proud and happy of this.
It is exactly what I did. Of course I guided them, gave them a frame, advice but I didn’t make the choices myself. They were the decisions makers 😉

The kitchen

We liked the general layout of the kitchen : so no need to change it all and honestly, we didn’t have the budget for it.
But we didn’t like the look of it, kind of country-side spirit which is not us.
So we decided to change only the front doors of the cabinets and their handles. It was easy as it is from Ikea. We also painted the walls in a dark green colour. One tip is to use the paint to delimitate a space, and this is exactly what I did. I also put zellige on the wall. They are small hand-made tiles from Morocco, which bring a surprising effect.
Advice 3: when you can’t afford a complete renewal, think of cheaper and easier solutions ! I promise that the result can be amazing !

The living-room

I must say that it is only when we painted again the living-room and put a wallpaper we loved that I really felt at home.
Advice 4: create your own colours harmony to make your house your home 😉

The parental bedroom

Advice 5: make your bedroom very cozy, cocooning and comfortable ! Your couple will thank you 😉

Here are my personal choices :

  • a plain carpet on the floor.
  • a pink paint to create a joyful, lively and peaceful atmosphere.
  • a panoramic wallpaper that we both love.
  • cushions, linen curtains to increase this cozy effect.

Additional tips:
  • mirrors to increase to volume of your space and reflect beautiful elements.
  • create as much storage as you can.
  • add beautiful lightings !
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