3 blocking situations that prevent you from having the decoration of your dreams
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I wanted to tell you about situations that I regularly meet. Very often it starts with a very motivated client who wants some help, admitting that she (yes very often this person is a  «she» !!) knows nothing about decoration, doesn’t have time to do things herself etc. She is also very often someone who needs to be reassured, has a lot of questions. So far, everything is fine, I find absolutely normal to have questions and doubts. But sometimes this person is facing in her inner self some blocking situations that she has difficulties to manage. 

So when this happens there are 2 possible endings : either I succeed in putting enough words on these blocking situations and help the client and she herself succeeds in overcoming her blockings. Yes being a decorator makes us very close sometimes. Or we don’t succeed and it becomes impossible to finish the project and for her to get the decoration of her dreams. 

I am not going to tell you about very personal and intimate blockings but more general reasons, which are not so complicated but on the other hand, more frequent. 

Blocking situation nb 1 : worrying about the others’ opinion. 

We all feel concerned about what people, our friends, family will think of our actions, decisions etc. But when this fear of judgment, of their opinions prevents us from doing what we like, it starts to be a problem. In this case, it becomes a strong censorship, and we just don’t dare. Of course, it could be a global advice for our whole life but let’s concentrate on decoration ! 

Decoration is intimacy, it should tell who you are, what you like, about your mood, your personality. Let’s assume that you are a very joyful person, full of energy : is it really you this black and white decoration that is fashionable today ? Wouldn’t it be more natural for you to have some joyful colors around you, like you are ? 

Your neighbor, your grownup children who don’t live at home anymore, even your best friends, they are not living with you, so why being afraid of their opinions and following the common trends instead of your deep tastes ? I could bet that on the contrary they would love your joyful decoration that looks so much like you !! 

Solution : Be selfish ! Be yourself  ! View yourself and your home as a priority ! 

Be convinced that there is no bad taste or good taste, no right or wrong, no true or wrong, just what you want and like !!

Blocking situation nb 2 : wanting to go too fast and not planning ! 

To imagine your decoration requires some time and some thoughts. We need some time to be sure of the colors harmony we want, of the atmosphere we wish, of the style of furniture we will be comfortable with ! 

I know in Iceland everything goes very quickly and many things are decided at the last minute, nothing is really planned ! 

The problem with this is when your decide you need a new sofa for example, you want it immediately so you have no choice but picking up the one in shops, without giving more thoughts if something better for you would exist !! We would have liked a wallpaper, but your painter is coming tomorrow , so no wallpaper !! What a shame !

Solution : Try and plan things a little !! Don’t be afraid to « loose » a few days, weeks or even months to really decide what you want, to analyse your desires.

You know you have bought a house and going to move in a few weeks / months : why not starting to think right now of the atmosphere you would like, of the missing pieces of furniture etc. Take your time ! I promise you that it is worth it at the end. It is worth being a few weeks without a sofa to get the perfect one for you at the end !! If you go too fast, you can’t make the best choices for your home, and yourself ! 


Blocking situation nb 3 : staying stuck with what you already know, have, did etc. 

It is a means to be reassured, to stay in our comfort zone but very often we regret after not to have dared more, not to have done another choice, more audacious ! 

By fear, we do little things, we don’t think big !! We say we want colors, but by fear we hesitate, don’t dare finally and then we feel frustrated to have something average !! You say you would love a pink sofa, go for it !!! I know it is not common and more difficult to find but who cares ?!!!

Solution : Listen to your inner desires !! Trust them, stop being afraid !

We are talking about decoration, we are not saving lives, so the risk is very little if you think of it ! No, you will not regret a purchase you have dreamt of, no, you will not be fed up of it after all!! 

As a conclusion

Very often, we face blocking situations because of our fears. Fear of judgment, fear to be wrong, to make a mistake, fear to change, fear to regret, fear of having too many colors…

And this is precisely when the fear leads our decisions, our actions, that there is a blocking situation !  

Trust yourself !! Learn how to listen to your deep desires, dare something new ! I propose you it will change your life, or at least your home !!!

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