4 rules to choose your rug !
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A rug is really a great decorative accessory ! Hence it participates in creating a cosy, comfortable and welcoming atmosphere but there are a few tips to know when you choose it !

Rugs delimitate visually the spaces. For example, in an open living space in a house, it delimitates the sitting-room from the rest of the space.

1 – Let’s find the perfect dimensions of your rug !

Away the little rug that looks lost in its space !! Away for example the little rugs on each side of the bed : we choose a large rug that you put underneath the bed and that goes largely in front of the bed. It is the same in the living-room, we don’t put a small rug in front of the sofa anymore but preferably a larger one and we put the sofas and tables on it !

But be careful of not choosing a too big rug, otherwise your room will look smaller than it is in real. 

It has been said that the best size for a rug is maximum 1/4 the size of a room. It might be true although I don’t quite like following strict rules. Just follow your intuition !

Tip : if you want to be sure you are not making a mistake, you can put sheets of newspapers on the floor to check if the measures are fine for you !!

2 – Choose the best material for your rug !

Many materials are possible : wool, linen, non-natural materials, cotton etc. We choose the material depending on the effect you wish ! While wool gives a very authentic, warm and natural effect, synthetic rugs give a glossy effect, with brighter colours. Natural fibers are very resistant and easy to clean. So the choice depends on the room you wish to put this rug. 

3- Give your rug some style and colours !

In a colourful space with already a strong character, a neutral rug is often a good idea to calm things down and soften the general decoration. On the other hand, in a neutral space, a bold rug can bring a colourful spirit. It can give a fancy touch to your room and offer an unexpected style with classic furniture ! 

4- Don’t forget the cleaning aspect !

Wool and cotton are the easiest materials to clean. 

A rug with long hair offers comfort, a very cocooning aspect but it may not be a good idea under your dining table or if you have cats or stilettos !! 

In a kitchen or bathroom, we need rugs that can bear water, such as polypropylene rugs. 


For each space, the most convenient rug exists for sure so there are no reasons why not having them in your home !

If you feel you need some help to choose your rug, just come to the studio and we will think of this together !






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