5 lighting tips for your living-room
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Have you ever had difficulties in lighting your living-room ? I will give you tips to learn on how to light your living-room with original ideas. 

First of all, there are two common mistakes that are frequently made. The first one is to have a very strong lighting but we all agree that our living-room is not a football stadium so no needs to have strong spots !t And this will never be comfortable because you will never get a cosy atmosphere. The other mistake is to have not enough light ! And this is also very uncomfortable because it is very tiredsome not to see clearly enough. 

Here are now my 5 tips and advice to make a real difference and feel well at home !

1- Find a balance between functionality and aesthetism. 

Spots are very efficient and you can use a dimmer but they are not very personal. They are functional but not original at all. However, I would particularly recommend them in a kitchen or a bathroom but never a bedroom ! 

On the other hand, decorative light-fittings have an amazing effect and produce this « Waouhhhh » effect which make the difference but sometimes it might be tricky to be sure if we will have enough lighting with them. Many questions may come : which bulb should I choose ? Should I go for Led ? Which colour temperature should I go for ? This can become a nightmare if you have no help for it !! I give you the answers : Led is always the best solution and don’t go for a too white colour temperature if you don’t want to feel as if you were in a hospital : 3000 °K is probably a good balance ! 

2- Place first a central lighting in the middle of your room/space. 

It is always nice to start with a central lighting, right in the middle. It offers you a nice general light and will be an eye-catcher as soon as someone enters the room ! Do not hesitate to over-size it, very often lightings are too small for the space. 

3- Do not hesitate to multiply the lightings. 

Once you have placed the central light-fitting, the next step is to have various secondary lightings in different places ! It can be a floor lamp closed to your sofa which lightens the wall but can be turned round to become a reading lamp when you are sitting, reading a book. You can also add a table lamp on your cabinet or coffee table or a lighting on your wall. 

4- Play with materials ! 

Materials are very important to create an atmosphere that fits you. There is nothing like wood if you want to warm up an atmosphere. If you want to bring a chic touch to your decoration, brass is an excellent idea. There are so many solutions and ideas : just think of the balance between warm and colder materials ! 

5- Have fun !!

Decoration is fun and lighting can really be beautiful so do not hesitate to use your walls or ceiling as a playground ! Lighting can create and draw shadows and shapes which can be really amazing so do not hesitate to dare !! 


I hope all these advice will help you ! If you still have questions, do not hesitate to send them to me, I will be more than happy to answer you. 

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