6 steps to decorate our kid’s bedroom
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When our kids are more often than usually at home, we realize their bedroom is quite messy, they don’t have enough storage and that sometimes they don’t feel so well in their room. What could we do to improve their bedroom ?

1 – Create an atmosphere with nice colours!

Scientific studies have proved that there is an obvious link between the happiness of our children and the colours around them. So definitely we shouldn’t let our kids in a white, black, greyish atmosphere. Each colour has its own power on our children, calming them down, increasing their creativity or helping them to concentrate ! I would also add a wallpaper on one wall to make their bedroom even more lively. 


2 – Choose adapted furniture

Some brands focused on creating specific furniture for children and it is very inspiring !! Children’s bedrooms in Iceland are often small, so we need to find solutions and some of them are great ! 


3- Help them to keep his bedroom tidy!

As the bedrooms are often small, it is quite important to make things easy to tidy and to propose them various solutions. 


4- Don’t forget to make the bedroom cosy and cocooning!

The flooring is the first thing to bear in mind ! Let’s forget tiles which are far too cold and hard to play on. Many ideas do exist : carpet, vinyl tiles or wooden flooring. A rug is definitely a great idea if your child doesn’t have allergy. It enables to delimitate a playing space for example. And many cushions and curtains will participate to this cosy feeling. 


5- Use paint to partition the space

The paint doesn’t have to be regular on the wall. We can draw lines, make circles or any other shapes we can imagine! We may also use specific colours for different spaces : blue or green for its sleeping space, orange our yellow in a playing area, green if he/she needs to concentrate more, blue if you wish to develop his/her creativeness etc. 


6- Be sure there is enough lighting

I would advice one central light in the middle of the bedroom, another one close to his bed to read at night, one on his desk and maybe another one just to create a relaxing atmosphere. This is especially true in winter ! And in summertime, be sure there can be enough darkness, just to make things easier! to sleep! 

If you feel you need some help to create a new bedroom for your kid, just come to the studio and we will think of this together !


Teenager’s bedroom

Little girl’s bedroom

Girl’s bedroom


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