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The Bonjour Team

BonJour is above all a familial project created in November 2018 by Benoit and Caroline, both French, recently settled in Iceland but hoping to remain permanently ! Situated at Odinsgata 1, 101 Reykjavik, BonJour is a studio that takes on interior decoration projects and also a showroom that allows you to discover our selection of French design brands and our colorful, elegant and cosy universe.

Benoit has been working in finance services industry for 15 years. He was involved on large private equity transactions and he is now BonJour’s Chief Financial Officer. He takes care of all the logistics, relationships with the partners and makes sure everything runs well!


Interior decorator, colour designer

Caroline has been an interior decorator, specialized in designing atmospheres for private clients, for more than 6 years. She will take on your project and advice you personally to create a specific atmosphere which will look and feel like you. As Caroline is also specialized in colors, your walls have little chance of staying white but the colours and their shades will be very carefully chosen to make sure that you always feel comfortable with them.

How everything happened (told by Caroline) !

In 2003

We bought our first flat close to Paris. We didn’t have a large budget at that time but we loved buying furniture other than Ikea’s and we offered ourselves our first design piece of furniture : the stool Bombo by Magis !

In 2005

We had our first child : we spent hours preparing a colourful and welcoming bedroom for him.

In 2007

We left Paris for Luxembourg, I quitted my job as an English teacher and we had a baby girl !

In 2008

I considered going back to work and my passion for decoration resurfaced and it became obvious that I should do something with it ! I started a three-year training in interior decoration.

In 2010

We started having our own house built, thanks to which I was able to put into pratice all I had been learning ! I was my own client : we wanted a real cocoon for our family and we chose materials, colours and furniture very carefully, keeping in mind who we were and how we really wanted to live in this house, with our 3 children (yes, our last baby was born that same year !).

In 2012

I created my own business. I worked from home at first to keep the balance between my new professional life and busy personal life !!

In 2014-15

I had two specific training courses to specialize in colours, their symbolics, shades and incredible powers on us.

In 2016

I opened my own studio so I could welcome my clients in a dedicated place, to talk about their projects. I had a trainee all that year and I discovered that I loved working as a team. 2016 was a really rewarding year.

It was also that summer we discovered Iceland for the very first time, visiting for three weeks : we fell in love !

In 2017

We made our second trip to Iceland and we felt we definitely needed new challenges, adventure and to step out of our comfort zone! This was the starting point of a year of discussions, questions and thoughts on how we could make this dream true.

In 2018

We moved to Iceland on 1st August 2018. Benoit and I remembered that we have always been talking that one day we would like to work together, so this was the moment to make it real ! We then started to imagine a new concept which could bring together who we are, what we truly love and all our abilities. So we are French, we love our family, who will always come first in our choices. We love nature, travelling, decoration, design and colours. The way we work is strongly influenced by these experiences and values.

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