Create a cozy atmosphere : rugs, curtains and cushions
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There are of course a lot of ideas to create a warm atmosphere (choice of materials, colours etc.) but curtains, rugs and cushions participate largely in a cozy atmosphere !

1- A rug covers the main flooring(which can be cold) and brings a lot of warmth.

  • You should choose the best material ! Many materials are possible : wool, linen, non- natural materials, cotton etc. We choose the material depending on the effect you wish !
  • The rug delimitates visually the spaces. For example, in an open living space in a house, to delimitate the sitting-room from the rest of the space.
  • Check the perfect dimensions of your rug ! The risk is very often to choose it too small ! We prefer a large rug that goes underneath the bed and largely all around. In the living-room, a larger one is also nicer and we put the sofas and tables on it !
  • Don’t forget the cleaning aspect !

And last but not least, give your rug some style and colours ! It can give a fancy touch to your room and offer an unexpected style, especially with classic furniture !

2- We need blind curtains to blackout but they don’t offer anything nice and cozy ! So as far as possible, add beautiful curtains.

  • Choose colours that contrast or complement the colours of the walls and furnishings.
  • Choose fabrics coherent with your general atmosphere! Maybe velvet for your bedroom for a very cocooning effect ! Linen for something very natural, sheer for very light curtains… Maybe with patterns if the other elements are very neutral…
  • Choose long lengths and hang the panels high to create a sense of height.
  • Choose a length that falls flush with the floor to create a modern look.

3- Cushions will bring an amazing, cozy and wow effect !

  • So put them everywhere : your sofas, on the beds or even on the floor for a cocooning feeling!
  • Mix sizes. It is beautiful to have different sizes all together !
  • Mix fabrics. It is beautiful to have different fabrics all together : velvet, silk, linen…
  • Mix patterns. It is beautiful to have plain cushions and several ones with different patterns at the same time

Have fun !!! Cushions can be changed easily so dare and enjoy !!


Here is a link if you want to pick ideas of cushions, curtains or rugs :

Or also here :

Of course all these elements must make something coherent altogether ! Make sure the colours match with the rest of your decoration !
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