Create your own colours harmony: the workshop !
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In the two last podcasts and blog articles, I told you about colours and wallpapers.

I told you about the 3 different steps to be able to create this new colours harmony:

  1. analysing your space
  2. analysing your tastes and desires
  3. bringing together colours that you like and that offer you the energy and vibes you need/wish.

But I know the last point can be tricky and not easy to deal with. Let’s me teach you a little bit more !

The chromatic circle / The colour wheel

  1. You have 3 primary colours : red, yellow and blue.
  2. If you mix 2 primary colours together, you get 3 more colours, called the secondary colours:
  • Orange (red + yellow)
  • Green (blue + yellow)
  • Purple (blue + red)

So far so good, I guess. Ok let’s make it a little more complicated !!

Let’s take the example of orange. You can get it by mixing together 50% red and 50% yellow. But you could also decide only 20% red and 80% yellow, and your orange will be closer to a yellow than to a red. Or on the contrary, you can choose only 20% yellow and 80% red, and thus your orange will be closer to a red than to a yellow this time. And of course you can change this orange, percentage by percentage of red and yellow !

And then you must choose which quantity of white and black, you would like to add to that orange you have just created !! You must choose which shade, which hues you want for that orange ! Remember, I told you that a colour is always composed of black, white and the colour itself.

So 1st thing you understand: choosing a colour is not that easy and obvious !!

Bringing colours together

So now, let’s say you have your 1st colour but to create a harmony, you should add another colour to match this orange!

  • Would you like the complementary colour of orange, that is to say blue ?
  • Would you prefer to create a camaieu, that is to say colours close to that orange but with more red or yellow in it ?
  • Or maybe make a triangle of coloursto make your harmony even richer, more elaborate ?

Am I definitely losing you ???!!! I am afraid so!! Although it is really exciting to create your own colours harmony, it can also be a maze you are getting lost in ! That’s why I decided to create something to help you !

A 3-hour workshop at the studio

To have you create yourself your own colours harmony, I would like to invite you at the studio on a Saturday ! Let’s have a relax moment without worrying about work, about the kids and school etc.

  • For one hour, you will learn about colours of course, with many examples. I will give you some useful knowledge to understand them, how they are composed, their secret meanings and the different ways to match them together ! You will also learn about wallpapers and the large variety of them !
  • Then we will have a short break with tea, coffee, biscuits !
  • And then it will be your turn to work 😉 😉 I would like you to bring photos of the space/room you would like to decorate. Maybe some drawings and maybe some samples of fabrics you may have (curtain, cushion, rug…). So for more or less 2 hours, you will create your own harmony. You will bring together colours, wallpapers, even fabrics if you want ! Of course, I am here to help and guide all along !!
  • So at the end of the workshop, you will leave with a new colour atmosphere, a new decoration for your space !
  • It will be at my studio (Óðinsgata 1, 101 Reykjavik), with access to all my materials library.
  • The number of participants is limited to 6 people so that I am sure to have enough time for each of you.
  • The price for this 3-hour workshop, plus the materials, plus the samples of wallpapers and colours, plus the drinks is 10,000 kr per person.

So I propose you to meet at the studio on Saturday, February 1st, from 10 am et 1pm !!

So if you want to sign up, please send me an email : studio@bonjour.is , just telling me “yes, I would like to join the workshop” !

I am really excited to organize this workshop, I have been thinking of it for ages !!! Looking forward to seeing you there 😉

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