Dare colors ! Ok fine but why and how ??
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Today we are going to talk about colors!! I have always loved colors, I guess it is part of my deep needs to have colors around me and working with colors is probably what I like most in my job as an interior decorator.

1- We are naturally surrounded by colours

If you think of it, colors are the most natural things. I can’t write down an exhaustive list of the colors we can meet around us but shall I remind you that nature created the rainbow, that the sea is blue, the grass is green, the sun is yellow, the lava is red, the flowers are pink, yellow, purple etc. And we are all fascinated by this colourful, multicoloured environment. On the contrary, don’t we complain about the grey sky? Don’t we feel depressed when the weather just offer us this grey, dark atmosphere?

Why do we love and need this colourful nature but very often choose to bring just black, white and grey inside our home? Ok black is very chic and white pure but why only those two colors?  Are you sure it makes sense? Personally I don’t think so. And all the scientific researches proved that we don’t feel well in the long term in this neutral atmosphere.  Our body and spirit need the whole range of colors to be balanced. A monochrome atmosphere can’t offer us what we need. We scientifically need all colours in our life and thus in our home. 

2- Colors in a house to make it a home

Let me just tell you my own recent story. I bought a house last summer. And in this house, there were mainly brownish colours so the first thing we did was to paint and decorate with wallpapers my children’s bedrooms. In fact two bedrooms were painted with strong colours but they didn’t fit my daughters’ tastes at all. I knew that if I wanted my children to feel well in this new house, to be happy and comfortable. I should start by respecting their universe. They chose themselves the colours they wanted ! As a result, we have three very different bedrooms respecting their age, personalities and desires. And step-by-step, we are doing the same for the whole house and actually I realise it is since I have put these colours, my colours, that I could feel that this house was actually mine and it shows a little bit of ourselves to our friends and guests.

3- Bring your own taste and colors in your living space

How could you do this??!!

Step 1: analyse where you live
  • Does your house, flat have a specific story? 
  • When was it built? 
  • How is the nature around it, around you? What can you see through the windows? 
  • How is the natural lighting coming inside? 
  • What are the existing materials? Do you have tiles, wooden flooring? Do you like them all on the contrary, do you absolutely want to get rid of them?

All these pieces of information will guide you to a selection of colours you might like.

Step 2: try to assume what you really like
  • What are your tastes? 
  • What colours do you love or hate? 
  • What is your style? 
  • Could you describe your lifestyle?
  • Who lives in your house? 
  • Do you have any piece of furniture, painting you particularly like? 

I know it can be hard but it’s the moment to forget what is fashionable, what your family, friends or neighbours might think. It is time to write your own story!! You are unique, so bring your own story inside your home. You are unique, so will be your home and decoration. 

Step 3: create your own colors harmony

What do I mean by colors? Colors are not only on paint, it means also on fabrics and materials, on furniture and lighting, on accessories etc. And when I say colors, it doesn’t only mean bright, strong colors. Colors can mean the color itself (blue, red, green …) but also the shade of this color (darkened, pastel…)

You have to know that the color is always composed of black, white and the color itself so it’s a question of percentages between the three so this specific colour you have in mind, let’s say a peacock blue (this color between blue and green) :  do you want it very bright, darkened, light and pastel? All these are possible!! Depending on your taste first but also with all the elements around. Is the natural lighting good? Do you have a good artificial lighting? What does your flooring look like? What kind of furniture do you already have? All these criteria will be taken into account of course. So as you understand, choosing a colour is not done by chance but after and then a real analysis !! You can’t be disappointed after this !

4- Colors have amazing powers on us

What you need to know also is that colors have real powers on us. I think you are all aware that marketing and packaging are studied to give us an unconscious message without even knowing! Colors are used to manipulate and influence us. In decoration, we are not always conscious of it but the colors around us have a very strong influence on us. Let me give you some examples: 

  • Your appetite will be better if you have some orange, yellow or pink in your kitchen.
  • You will have more sexual relations if there is some purple in your bedroom rather than if it is just grey. 
  • You will be more concentrated and efficient at work if you have some red, close to you. But more creative if you have some blue.  White being the worst colour to be motivated! 
  • Your kids will be more peaceful if there is blue, green or pink in the bedroom. But more playful and joyful if there is some orange.
  •   White will give you a feeling of pureness and clean which is perfect in a kitchen or bathroom. 
  • You will communicate much better with some orange around you and be more relaxed with some pink.

Of course I am not inventing those things, I am just repeating what scientific researchers have studied and proved!  So my last piece of advice is to use colours to improve your life, to have better relationships. Colors will participate in bringing us joy, serenity or energy in your homes. Why shouldn’t we use these easy supports to make life better and happier?  

5- Let’s be on the way toward colors!!

I hope I have convinced you a little bit to bring colors in your home and life of course. You can go slowly, step-by-step, space by space, if you need time to get used to this idea !! But try to be on that way, I promise you will see the difference and of course I am here to help and support with your choices. 

So don’t let the others impose you their opinions and choices. The perception and feelings of colours are totally subjective and personal. Be yourself, be unique, let your decoration be unique !!!
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