Decorate your living-room: what to keep in mind !
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After talking about the entrance, it is natural to continue entering the house and we are arriving in the living-room. Your living-room is definitely the most important space at home because it is there we spend most of our time with our family and friends. 

1- What are your needs for your living-room ?  

The first step is to ask yourself some questions about your needs and the way you are living your living-room. We don’t all make the same choices regarding interior design and decoration according to who we are and who lives in the house/flat. 

Let me give you some examples: 

  • if you have pets, you will need to be careful to your materials choices. Maybe your cat will love the velvet of your sofa too much and will damage it ! So it may not be the best choice for you. 
  • If you are an older person, maybe this very low sofa is not the most comfortable one for you. 
  • If you have a large family with 3 children, you may need to create a space within your living-room for their games. And maybe it is not the best to have  many pieces of furniture which could make the circulation more difficult for kids running everywhere ! 
  • If you are a young couple, maybe you welcome a lot of friends and thus need various seats although not having so much space in your small flat ! And maybe you will soon have a baby, and thus you will need to add a bedroom for this newborn coming ! 
  • If you are sharing your flat with roommates in a co-living flat, you will need to keep in mind different personalities and tastes. 

So of course, there are as many answers as there are homes !

2- Interior design of your living-room: a few things to keep in mind

We should think of the circulation of lighting, of sights and of moving.

  • Do not hesitate to make a drawing as if you were an architect ! If it is too difficult to draw for real you can just put newspaper pages on the floor on the sizes of your furniture. The most common mistake if to choose over-sized pieces of furniture and then not to be able to move anymore without bumping into one of them. Or on the contrary, under-sized pieces of furniture will give a feeling of emptiness, which is cold and not welcoming. So if you check all this before buying anything, you won’t regret your purchase. 

  • Place the main elements like sofas closed to the natural lighting, near the windows and opening to the outside.
  • As far as possible, do not hesitate to go for custom-made cabinets to optimize the space. If your furniture is at the right dimensions, you will save space and the whole design will be more harmonious. 

  • Choose your sofas and armchairs correctly ! Time to make an important decision : One big sofa? 2 small sofas? one sofa with an angle, a tongue? One sofa + 2 armchairs? Only armchairs ? How many seats do you need? 

  • How many coffee tables would you like? Just one in the middle or several ones in different places ? 

  • Where to put your TV? In France, the TV is most of the time a central element of the living-room. But in Iceland, it is very different and very often Icelanders have a separate space for watching TV. And to be honest I love this idea ! So where is your television? If it is in the living-room, of course, you have to think of the general organization with it, so that you can watch it from the sofas, without being annoyed with lighting? 

3- Let’s go further to decoration and make your living-room beautiful

So now you know more or less the pieces of furniture you need, the sizes you can afford, you can start thinking of the general harmony and atmosphere you wish ! 

  • What colors do you like ? Have you thought of wallpapers to bring creativeness ? Colours can be on the walls with paint and wallpapers but it can also be on the fabrics on your sofas, curtains, cushions, rugs. 

At the studio, we have great design brands for this : 

  • All your lightings will be very important! I advice you to choose a central lighting and add many other ones : wall lightings, floor lightings, table lighting. Create scenarios depending on the different moments of the day ! You won’t switch on the same light-fittings if you are watching TV, reading or talking with friends ! 
  • And don’t forget all the accessories that make a big big different in the general atmosphere ! I am thinking of mirrors, fire-place, deco objects, photos etc.  


There are so much to say about the living-room : these are general pieces of advice but we will go deeper in the future articles and podcast !!

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