Designing your bathroom step by step !!
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I am designing my own bathroom right now, so I am going through all the necessary steps to design it from scratch. 

Here are the steps to follow, in this order !!

Step 1: analyzing your desires and needs

Start by analyzing what you have today, what you like or don’t like !

Some questions should come to your mind : 

  • bathtub or shower ? 
  • a simple or double sink ? 
  • which style? classic, design, neutral, countrystyle, colorful ? 
  • Have you seen any photos in magazines, on the internet, on Pinterest that you really like ? Making a selection of inspiration photos will help you to determine your style ! 


Step 2: drawing the general layout of the space

Very often several solutions are possible but one of them should come to your eyes as the best one for you ! Your neighbor could have chosen the other one ! 

Think of the circulation. You will move all around your bathroom so make sure that the space between the shower and the wall is big enough, or between the toilets and the sink etc. 

If you have a window, take it into consideration

It is also the time to think of the electric drawing. There is nothing worse than a bathroom where you can’t see yourself !! Spots lights are the most efficient solutions but adding a nice decorative lighting always bring some charm to a space. 

Step 3: Bring all your choices together in a mood board

Of course you are not an interior designer but you can create a word document and collect the photos of what you have selected. 

Your mood board should sum up the materials, the colors, the furniture you want. 

Does it look nice to your eye ? Are you happy with it ? If yes, go for it !! If no, think of what could be changed, improved. 


Step 4: place the orders and find the best craftsmen

It is also the time to check that your choices match your global budget. Sometimes we have to change something which is over-priced. 

Try also to schedule when the works can be done, because of course you will have to be organized. Maybe you will need to go on holidays in the meantime or at least share another bathroom with your children!  You will have dust and noise, and sometimes it is not the good time for us for the works. 


Step 5: the work itself

It depends if you do the works yourself or if you need to hire craftsmen. 

Good luck !!


Step 6: Accessorize your bathroom

All these accessories will make the whole difference, bring originality and your personality. Choose a nice mirror, beautiful baskets, soft towels and rug, colored pots etc. 


Our bathroom is viewed today as an important space  at home so even it costs it is worth it !!
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