Home-staging: how to sell your property better ? (2/2)
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So now you have general knowledge about home staging, we can go through more specific advice. 

The colours in home-staging

The colours will be an important element. They will delimitate the spaces but unify at the same time. In home-staging, we will never choose bright colours. The best colours will always be more neutral or pastel/powdery colours. Don’t forget that it is supposed to be appreciated by as many people as possible ! You might be interested to know that blue is commonly the most appreciated colours. You can use a general neutral colour and add small touches of other colours.  Don’t use more than 3 colours in one space. They are also warm and cold colours. Have a look at this article for more information

The materials

Keep in mind there are cold versus warm materials and be careful of not creating a cold atmosphere. You can refer to this article to know more on this.

About floorings: the question may be what to do with an unpleasant floor. You must analyse how much of a problem it is for the sale. It might worth it to change it or cover the existing floor with a new vinyle one. 


Use the lightings to create a soft and welcoming atmosphere. So preferably no strong spots. Try and avoid the shadowy areas ! So do not hesitate to multiply the lightings ! For more information


The priority is to use what you already have ! The idea is never to buy on purpose ! 

  • Curtains

They bring warmth but you must be very careful they don’t come in front on the window but well on each side. The priority is always the natural lighting! Simple linen curtains would be perfect !

  • Cushions and quilts

They can be used to cover an old or damaged sofa. And they will bring a very cozy effect! 

  •  Mirrors

They will give an illusion that the space is much bigger and they will increase the luminosity so that ’s great ! But be careful of what they reflect ! 

  • Frames & photos : maybe in black and white. 
  • Rugs

They will enable to delimitate the space and make the atmosphere warm and cozy. But it shouldn’t be too small ! 

  • Objects

Select simple decorative objects, nothing extravagant ! Vases , candles, books will make your home very friendly and lively. 

  • In the kitchen, you can add fruit, spices pots and in the bathroom colorful accessories and towels. 


The entrance

This will be the very first impression of the house. You must create a wow effect and it must be perfectly clean and nice. Don’t forget that the sales is decided in the first two minutes, so no time to waste !!

The living-room

Be careful of the sizes of the pieces of furniture  (the sofa, the table etc.).  The table should be big enough so that the buyers can check that they will all be able to eat, but not over-sized on the hand. 

The bedroom

I advice you to create a headboard for your bed. Add cushions and curtains  for a very cozy atmosphere. 

The bathroom

That’s an important space not to neglect ! If the tiles are old, you can paint them or change them for something new. Do not hesitate to change the sink if necessary. The bathroom must look perfectly clean. It refers to intimacy so it is really important that it looks realy nice. 

The kitchen 

It is also an important space ! You may need to change the front doors, the table kitchen, the handles etc. Do not hesitate to add accessories. 


It is essential to make it clean and tidy ! The grass and plants must be cut, the terrasse should be clean. It could be very nice to present a table and chairs if possible to show that it is possible to be outside for a meal or a drink.  


If you apply all these tips, I promise you that your property will be sold much quickier !
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