How can an interior decorator help me ?
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I think I should tell you what being an interior decorator really means ! Actually I am frequently asked about what I am really doing ! 

So I will start by telling you what I am NOT !

  • I am not an architect ! Meaning that I can’t and I am not allowed to make drawing of a building. I can’t sign any drawing, I can’t ask for permits for renovation I can’t officially work on volumes (although I may have some ideas sometimes !!).
  • I am not a designer ! I don’t design pieces of furniture myself. I don’t create something new. 
  • My job is to bring different elements together to create a new atmosphere ! My job is to help you feel well at home and to propose you an amazing wallpaper, beautiful pieces of furniture or lighting. My job is to guide you with colors and make sure that all these elements are harmonious together ! 

Let me give you 10 reasons why you may need to call an interior decorator !!

1- Saving time

We have so many choices in magazines, shops, so many brands that it is very easy to get lost ! And decorating your house means having many choices to make : colours, furniture, lighting, curtains, rugs etc. An interior decorator will make a selection for you and will guide you to specific items respecting your tastes, needs and budget. And then, thanks to a shopping-list, you will have all the informations to purchase what you wish although he or she can even do it for you ! An interior decorator will make your life easier and you will then save time !

2- Getting advice

The job of an interior decorator is to listen to you, to determine your style, needs and to put words on what you like. She will try to understand who you are, how you live, to answer your expectations. You may have many questions, doubts or worries : what size for the sofa ? Which colour for this room ? Which materials ? She will answer all these questions !!

3- Avoiding mistakes

it happens very often that people buy a gorgeous sofa, a beautiful rug and an amazing light-fitting but these pieces don’t go all together. The atmosphere remains cold, not cozy and this gorgeous sofa is far too big for the living-room !! The colour of the paint on the samples looked nice but you don’t like it on your wall ! So yes, you have bought great things but you are deceived… This doesn’t exist with an interior decorator !

4- Optimizing space

Of course an interior decorator is not a magician and he can’t push the walls but he can optimize your space. He thinks in terms of volumes and not only in terms of surfaces. He will think of tailored pieces of furniture, modular solutions and many other tips you wouldn’t have thought of on your own ! 

5- Increasing the value of your house

When we are living in a house, we don’t see its good and bad aspects any more, what its qualities and drawbacks are. And when we are selling a house, we know that all these negative aspects will give way to possible negotiation on its price. A decorator will offer you a fresh look and will come with solutions and ideas of improvement. This is what we call « home staging » : preparing a house for sale, to sell it at its best price without avoiding negotiation. 

6- Discovering new brands

An interior decorator keeps himself informed about the latest trends and will make you discover new things, you would have never discovered without him ! He will be able to guide you to brands and products he knows they will fit your needs, tastes and budget !

7- Creating a unique and personalized atmosphere

With an interior designer or decorator, the idea is not to have the same decoration as Ikea or that of magazines or of your neighbourgs’ ! The idea is to have an atmosphere created especially for you ! An interior decorator will not really create something new but he will bring together elements, associate colours, and all this will become a new atmosphere that will answer who you are and what you feel. And this is the crucial thing to feel well at home !!

8- Respecting your budget

A good interior decorator will ask you from the beginning what your budget is and even more : he will respect it ! You will get a shopping-list summarizing all your choices and thus you will perfectly know how much your purchases will cost and if you have to make choices or give priorities to one thing rather than to another ! It is pointless to make you dream of a sofa if at the end you can’t buy it. The goal is to make you feel happy and comfortable, not frustrating !!

9- Finding good partners/craftsmen

To take on all the necessary works, you may need craftsmen you trust. The interior decorator will be able to advice you people to work with and will be the link between you and the craftsmen. 

10- Visualizing your project

It can be very difficult to imagine what the result of your interior design project will be, to be sure that the final result will be exactly what you hope. The interior decorator have the tools to help you with this ! It starts with mood-boards, samples of materials that you will place all together to check they all match. There is also the solution of a 3D visualization. 

Last but not least : How to choose your interior decorator/designer ? 

You can start with his website and have a look at his previous projects: you will immediately see if you are sensible to his universe or not at all. But sharing an interior design project is a small human adventure and you will tell him many things about yourself and your family! So you absolutely need to feel that you trust him, and that you will enjoy sharing the next months with him ! At that point, it is just your instinct that will tell you that you have chosen the right person to help you ! 

At Bonjour, the first meeting is absolutely free since we need to meet and talk ! So don’t hesitate to come to the studio or to ask for a meeting at your home, we will be very happy to share a project with you !

And do not hesitate to visit our website , our Facebook and Instagram pages 

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