How to choose your sofa ?
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The sofa is definitely the most important piece of furniture in your living-room. It is probably the one you will use most ! It is also quite expensive so you’d better make the best choice for you !

Here are a few questions I advice you to ask yourself first !

1- How many seatings do I need all together ?

Of course it depends on how many people live in your family, if you often or rarely receive guests. So what are your needs ?

2- What shape/size of sofa would I like ?

  • 2 or 3 seating sofa ? I sometimes feel that 3 people sitting one close to another is not natural and nice, and we feel too close to communicate. Especially if they don’t know so well.

So when possible, I often recommend to choose 2 smaller sofas than a really big one !

  • What about having a sofa with a tongue / a L-shape sofa ?

There are some positive aspects : this is really nice to hug your kids (or your husband or wife !!) and it is very comfortable to watch television because you can lie down and relax !!

But there are also several drawbacks : very often, this kind of shape takes a lot of space and it prevents you from circulating nicely around it. It is sometimes over-sized for your space and when we move to a new home, it can’t fit anymore. On the contrary, a smaller sofa will always fit everywhere !

And as we are all sitting on the same sofa, we don’t see each other well and thus we don’t communicate easily ! It is always easier to talk when we are facing each others.

  • a classic or original shape ?

Do you prefer something square, common or on the contrary something more fancy, design, surprising ? Which one tells more about your style ?

3- What material should I choose ?

Let’s say you have 2 main choices:

  • leather: it is easy to clean, it looks rich and sophisticated. BUT it is a cold material and not so much in fashion nowadays.
  • fabrics: it is on the contrary more difficult to clean and to remove stains. We have to be more careful of coffee, wine, ink, dirty shoes etc. BUT it is super cozy and warm. There is a much larger range of solutions : velvet, cotton, linen, wool… And also a much larger range of colours and patterns so you can be much more creative !

I guess you understand I prefer fabrics 🙂

4- Do I want my sofa to become an eye-catcher ?

It depends which place you want to give your sofa ! If you want your sofa to be discret, I guess you will prefer a classic shape with a neutral colour (grey, black, beige).

Once again, a few questions may help you:

  • How is the wall behind the sofa ? Of course you must not forget it and it must match with the sofa.
  • If the wall is white, maybe a grey sofa will be too sad, don’t you think ?
  • If the wall is colourful, a grey sofa may be nice !
  • A colourful sofa will definitely become a strong decorative element.

5- Ligne Roset for a eye-catcher sofa !!!

I have selected Ligne Roset at the studio because it combines all the elements I love most !!!

Their sofas are modern, contemporary and designed by the greatest designers of our times, yet extremely comfortable. And you can personalize them thanks to a selection of top-of-the-range fabrics and leathers.

They have a few classic sofas but mainly Ligne Roset sofas are all very surprising, modern, non conventional that you can’t find anywhere else !

I would say there are just 2 negative aspects : they don’t have any sofa in stock because they are all custom-made and thus produced once the orders are placed. It means that we have to wait for 7 weeks to get it. And of course, they can be considered as quite expensive.

But this can be explained by the fact that all sofas are manufactured in France, in their own workshops, respecting all the “savoir-faire”, tradition, expertise for which France is so well-known !

The foams, the materials and thus the comfort are really high so of course this unique, luxury item costs something !

And what I am also sensitive to is their awareness to environment. The respect of environment is part of their way of working. They try and choose environmentally-sustainable solutions.

I have 4 different sofas at the studio so you can test them and I promise you it will be difficult to stand up again once you are comfortably sitting (nearly lying!!) on them 😉



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