How to decorate your walls ?
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Very often I see houses in which every single wall is left white. When walls are white it can be because the owners love white and feel comfortable with it but it is more frequent to see white walls because people don’t dare having another colour !!

So maybe the question should be : how to dare decorating your walls ?!

The problem with white walls

Many people view white as a reasonable choice, a no-mistake choice. Although white can’t be bad taste, every scientific research proves that white (with no other colour besides) has a very negative effect on us : in a white universe, we have less energy, we are less creative and we feel more often bored ! The problem is that the less colours we have around us, the more afraid we are of them ! 

Can I get bored of a colour on my wall ? 

This is a question I always have from my clients !! The answer is yes, you can get fed up of it if you only have one colour in your home ! Because one colour doesn’t offer a satisfactory balance. What we need to be comfortable is many colours ! Think of the very colourful houses in Reykjavik  : why do you think it is so ?? All colours are present and I guess it helps us a lot to feel joyful even in winter times ! The more colours we have around us, the happier we are ! So now you are convinced by having colours in your homes, how to welcome them in ?

Let’s paint the walls !!

I am not telling you to transform your house in a rainbow land !! You should choose colours you are comfortable with ! Naturally, we all know which colours we like and even more easily which colours we hate (and this is very important to dare saying it !). Colours have strong powers on us but this will be the subject of a future article : there is too much to say !

So the first easy idea is to paint some walls in a daring colour, of course not all of them !! And it doesn’t need to be the whole wall the same : we can be creative and imagine shapes ! Here are some examples. 

To help you being conscious of the colours you could be comfortable with, here is a classification which could help you : 

  • bright colours : I would recommend them in small quantities !
  • pastel colours : as there is a lot of white in them, the colour is present but in a very gentle and soft way !
  • powdery colours : they are very trendy and will help you creating a very cosy atmosphere. 
  • darkened colours : they are darker but bring a real depth to any space. 

I can’t tell you what colour(s) you should go for. Colours are very personal : the answer for one person will not be the same as for his neighbour ! That’s why when we are working on interior design project, we take so much time to talk together, to be sure to give the best answer for you !

Why not daring a wallpaper ?

I know it is not very common in Iceland yet but I love them and they make such a big difference when you want to decorate your walls ! They are such an amazing eye-catcher !! Here are a selection of a few examples but at the studio, there are many more ! 



And lots more of ideas !!!

There are many other ways to decorate your walls : play with them, thanks to lighting, drawings, photos, mirrors (that have a big advantage to widen the space), shelves with objects on them etc. Let your imagination work !!

If you feel you need some help to dare decorating your walls, just come to the studio and we can start creating an atmosphere that will suit you ! I promise you I will bring colours in your life !!

And do not hesitate to visit our website www.bonjour.is , our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bonjour.is/ and Instagram pages https://www.instagram.com/bonjourstudio.is/ 



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