How to create a new working space for our kids home learning and us home working ?
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In the coming weeks, our reality will probably be to be more and more at home ! The schools will close and we will be asked to work from home. So we will have to organize our spaces to fit this new reality !

1- First possibility : organizing a working space in their bedrooms.

They will of course need a desk, a good chair and some storage for all their stuff that were at school before. This space should be nicely decorated. It is time to choose a nice wallpaper for them or just a nice paint they will really like.

2- Second possibility : a familial working space

This is my own choice ! We are using the dining-table. Of course we have to tidy it for each meal but honestly it doesn’t take much time ! The idea here is to recreate a classroom ! Each kid has his dedicated place, his own shelf close by to tidy his things. It is a way to motivate all together and to keep an eye on all of them, much easily than if they were in their bedrooms.

3- Create a daily routine !

Ok so we are not on holiday so we don’t stay all day long in pyjamas !! We all get dressed, teeth and hair brushed ! We start at 9 am, have a snack break at 10.30 am, lunch at 12:30 and back to work at 2.00 pm ! Of course each family should choose its own routine and habits and we know that it is important to give our kids and ourselves routines.

4- Don’t forget having breaks !

This is true for our kids but also for us ! It is impossible to stay concentrated for a long time, we need to rest. Change activities regularly, move and have brain breaks ! The danger is to forget to move or go outside ! You can organize a little workout and take fresh air !

5- Be careful of the mess !

Keep everything as tidy as possible ! To help you with this, think of having additional storage like boxes, shelves, drawers etc. Be organized ! This will help everyone to be concentrated and motivated. This is especially true for our kids, it is more difficult for them.

6- Don’t forget decoration

A neutral, colourless space will be sad and boring for everyone and nowadays we need energy and joyfulness !

You can add some plants. A green touch is always peaceful and joyful at the same time.

Add also candles, frames, photos, nice objects you will all like !

Tips for your kids: 

  • paint a wall with a black board paint you can write on with chalks.
  • create a cork panel to pin everything you want on.
  • Offer them some accessories they will love. Sostrene Grene and Ikea will give you a lot of ideas. It will cost nearly nothing and your kids will be delighted. It can be a beautiful box, pencases, notebooks, pens… It should help them being motivated !

7- Think of your colours choices

It can be on walls but also just on small objects. Red around them will help them to be concentrated, blue to be more creative, and green or pink to be more relax !

8- Make the lighting a priority

Choose the space with the most natural lighting ! So preferably close to a window ! Be careful however to the light reflection on your computer that may not be good to work. In this case, you can add curtains to prevent this.

Add a table lamp if needed. If you are right-handed, place it on your left and on your right if you are left-handed. A good lighting will help you all being concentrated and motivated !


Working all together from home will require new adjustments, collaboration,  some creativity and imagination to make it possible and bearable to everyone ! So let’s try and do our best, to keep some study times but also some fun times ! I am convinced that it is this balance that will help us to keep on going !
Of course as parents our role is to support our kids but I think we are also allowed to ask them to respect our own working space and time !
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