Industrial style glass partition: when a detail makes it all !
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I have always been a big big fan of these industrial style glass partitions and I will tell you why and also I will give you ideas where to use them. 

So what is an industrial style glass partition?

It is a slim, black framed glazing, a panneled glas partition. It has aluminium or steel section associated with glass panels to create a window effect. It can obviously be custom-sized, with or without doors, with or without a sliding panel etc. 

What are the advantages of having an industrial style glass partition?

  • Avantage number 1:  a wowwwww effect as soon as we see it !! It is such an amazing eye-catcher ! Your interior decoration will immediately gain a very charming vintage aesthetic, while being so modern at the same time. 

  • Avantage number 2: it offers lightness to your room. When obviously a plain wall stops natural lighting from entering the space, a glass partition lets the light come in as a window would do and light can circulate everywhere! 
  • Avantage number 3: as an interior decorator, an industrial style glass partition participates very nicely to any interior design I can imagine ! It enables us to structure the space, to partition the space but without closing it. 
  • Avantage number 4: an industrial style glass partition is a flexible layout solution. We can have a sliding panel for example or the most convenient door opening. The glass partition needs to be thought carefully to meet perfectly your needs. 
  • Avantage number 5: it is possible to put an industrial style glass partition in nearly every space : there are so many ways to bring it into your interior design. 


Where can we place industrial style glass partitions?

Nearly everywhere but let me give some examples ! 

  • In the entrance: sometimes we have a big entrance, not clearly separated from the living room. It enables us to make a partition while keeping an open and luminous space. (Photo from my friend Caroline Desert in France !)

  • In the kitchen: if you hesitate between having an open or closed kitchen, an industrial style glass partition lets you have both at the same time ! 
  • In a bathroom: in a parental suite for example, it can bring natural lightness into the bathroom while keeping the bedroom separated from the bathroom. 
  • In a veranda, a winter garden: it can be so charming with plants and flowers. 

  • In working spaces: it offers some personality to the space and participates to creating a favorable working spirit. 


I definitely think that an industrial style glass partition is a no-risk choice and you can be absolutely sure that your decoration will be a success with it ! 

Do not hesitate to come to the studio if you want to talk about this further, we will be very happy to share a project with you !

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