L’appartement by Bonjour : what am I offering you ?
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Many of you haven’t come yet to « l’appartement » and ask me questions about it and what I am offering. So I will try and explain you everything in details !

If I come back a little bit in time…

I opened my first studio in Óðinsgata, Reykjavik. It was a very nice and pleasant place but after a while, I realized that this place didn’t suit me completely. Of course there were works in the street for 8 months, that were of course quite annoying and it didn’t help ! Being downtown delivered the message that my studio looked like a shop, more than a studio and a showroom. It didn’t seem obvious that I was an interior designer and not a furniture saler. 

And personally, it didn’t suit you to have fixed opening hours. My inner balance between my family and profesional life was not there anymore. That was my mistake ! I needed to define again my priorities : I am an interior designer and a mum at the same level of importance ! Being present for my children, even if they are teenagers (at least 2/3 of them !) was really crucial for me ! 

So I knew I needed to take a decision and at this point the Covid helped me a lot ! I had to be at home for nearly 2 months to help my kids for home-learning and I loved it 😉

It became obvious, I had my answer : I needed to come back home ! 

By chance, our house is big and we had a small part of it that we rented as an apartment. So I asked our tenants to leave (felt so sorry for them !) and I moved my studio. So beginning of July, my husband and I decorated again the whole space, painted again, put new wallpapers etc. I knew that I wanted / needed some colours to feel good. 

So if you come to « l’appartement » (in French !), you drive to Álftanes, Tjarnarbrekka 13. You arrive to my house, can park just in front and walk on the left side of the house and yesss you are at the apartment !!! 

It is at home but a separate homy apartment. 

So what can you find in « l’appartement »? 

Like in a normal apartment, you will see a kitchen (perfect to start with a coffee or a tea !!) where I also tidy all my books, catalogues and documents ! 

And then, we enter the main room ! In the right corner, behind the wooden room dividers we created, is my desk, where I work on my projects. The rest of the space looks like a living space, with sofas, all from Ligne Roset (a Togo and a Ploum of course !!) There are of course here so that you can try, touch, enjoy them ! I have all the sample of fabrics and leathers and all materials to choose and create your own Ligne Roset sofa or piece of furniture. 

And then, you will find all the wallpapers catalogues, fabrics samples to make cushions, curtains. You will see many lightings because I consider they are really important in decoration. And also many small things you can buy, such as candles, design objects. 


I will make a video of the studio, a guided tour to enable you to imagine better ! 

So you know what you can find and see in the apartment but I guess it is also important to remind you that this space is above all my interior design studio ! Meaning that as I told you before, I am not a saler (selling candles is lovely but it is not my mission !!). 

My mission

My mission is to help you create a new and colourful atmosphere at home or in your workspace. My job is to bring together elements in order to imagine something new. All these elements could be colours, wallpapers, fabrics, materials, furniture, lightings, rugs, accessories etc. 

Today, many people stay stuck in what they already know, in what they are familiar with. To take an example you will understand, many people stay in a black and white atmosphere because it is what they are familiar with. My mission is to show you and support you to move further from this. Yes there are many other ideas and solutions. 

If I want to sumarize, my mission is to push you out of your comfort zone in decoration, to propose you a better wellbeing at home (not to show off). So if you are ready to make some changes and above all if you feel you need them, I am here to help ! 

My mission is definitely to bring colours in your life !! Both real colours on you walls, furniture etc. and colours in your mindset. You will be more easily happy and joyful with colours than black and white. 

So I hope it is more clear for you what I am offering you and what you will find in « l’appartement ». 

I am really looking forward to welcoming and meeting you ! I promise you that you will discover things you haven’t seen before !!
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