Materials : how to choose them without regrets !
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Materials are very often one of the first choices we are making ! And when you choose them, there will be here for years and years ! Although it is easy to re-paint a wall, you will not change your flooring every year, nor the tiles in your bathroom ! So choosing your materials carefully is important !

1- Be aware of cold and warm materials.

One common mistake is very often to have far too many cold materials at home and the problem is that it prevents you from having a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

There are a lot of different materials in our homes.

  • Warm materials are for example fabrics (velvet, linen, cotton, silk…). So the more rugs, carpets, cushions, curtains, sofas with fabrics you have, the warmer will be your home ! Wood is also a very warm material which we find mainly on the floor and furniture. 
  • Cold materials are inevitable (and we need them of course to keep a balance). They are leather, glass, steel, tiles, marble, any stone etc.

So a material is cold or warm but it depends also a lot of its colour ! As you can imagine a all-white tile is much colder than a brown one !

2- Think of the practical aspect of the material !

It is out of question to choose a material just because it is cold or warm. We must think of the space where it is going to be ! If we take as an example the entrance : we wouldn’t choose wood on the floor for the reason it is warm. We must keep in mind that the entrance is easily a dirty space and we need a material easy to live and clean ! So definitely tiles will be better, even if it is cold !

3- Materials space by space

  • Living-room: it is the space to focus on the balance of materials ! Maybe you can think of delimitating the space thanks to materials : something warm like wood in the living-room and another one like tiles or stone in the dining / kitchen area. It is the space also to add fabrics to make it very cozy !
  • Bedrooms: I could choose as many warm materials as possible to make it very cozy and cocooning. It is definitely the space for it !
  • Bathroom: Of course tiles seem necessary here but it doesn’t have to be everywhere ! So yes we need it in the shower, above the sink and around the bathtub but very often we have at least one wall that doesn’t need it ! So that wall can have paint and not tiles. And do you know we can have a wallpaper in a bathroom and even in the shower itself ?
Last tip : I would advice you to do a list of the materials you have at home ! Do you feel you should counter-balance your materials ? For example, do you realize that you have too many cold materials ?

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