My magical solution against global stress, seasonal depression and the Covid situation !!
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We are now in September and with it a lot of possible difficulties and problems to face. 

September is like another January, with lots of new projects, decisions to take, it represents a lot of energy although it is this time of the year when our energy is falling down.

Summer comes to an end and bad weather is arriving. Many people can face seasonal depression. We spent a lot of time outside this summer but we can’t do it anymore (because we are working more and because the weather is not so helpful.). Nature will be less colorful, the sky will be more grey, the grass and moss less green, we will miss the flowers…

And one more element we have never faced before is that Covid ! We haven’t been able to travel as much as the years before. We have rules to respect, we need to be concentrated on our gestures, our behaviours, We sometimes have the feeling to loose freedom. 

Honestly we are very lucky in Iceland because the general atmosphere stays pretty good and the measures taken by the governement seem adapted and not over-protective.  I promise you that it is not like this in France !!

We may also have to face an economic crisis and uncertain times. 

My solution !!

I won’t change the weather, I won’t stop the Covid, I won’t avoid the economic crisis  and you can’t do it either but I have one solution, one tool to live better with these difficulties.

Of course a growth mindset is important, optimism is essential but even if we have an optimistic mind, sometimes we feel more depressed and pessimistic. 

So my magical tool is colors !!!!

You may laugh at me but I am extremely serious 😉 

This is not true that you can be fully energetic without colors. It is our society and our modern world which determine this new normality conerning colors, and just keeping black and white and 50 shades of grey! 

In the past, we had colorful cars and colors all around in the house ! Think of all the houses in Reykjavik for example, cars in Cuba. My grandparents had the green room, the pink living-room, the yellow kitchen. Same for the clothes, they were really colorful and joyful. 

What have we done of all these colors ??

If I had one mission in my job it could be to help you bring them back !! 

I will not recommend you to change your house in a rainbow land !! But you must know that it is highly recommended to have all the colors at home. They don’t have to be bright and in large quantities ! 

  • Your bathroom is white, fine but add some pink or yellow or turquoise. Maybe paint one wall, add a wallpaper, or just colorful accessories. 
  • Your kitchen is black, good for me but your accessories could be colorful ! Your kitchen splash back could be original, with patterns and a specific color.
  • Your entrance could for sure be improved with more personality !
  • Your living-room could have an amazing wallpaper which would change the whole atmosphere. 
  • Your parental bedroom could have one nice wall as bed head : a wallpaper maybe or a lovely colour.
  • And no your kids shouldn’t live in a neutral universe. Their bedrooms are allowed to have bright, dynamic and joyful colors, just as they are !! 
  • Have fun with cushions, and change them from times to times !

Yes being surrounded with colors will help you face an eventual seasonal depression and avoid it, avoid feeling fed up. Please have a try and analyse how you feel ! Colour is a question of habits, of being used to living with them. We have forgotten this, but our inner self, spirit knows about this !  

So you have understood my magical solution is to add colors to your life ! 

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