Office decoration : a strategic challenge
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Today, the working space has become a living space. The boundary between professional and private life is therefore intimately linked. We find it very normal to pay attention to the decor of your home and to invest in it so that you feel well at home and welcome your guests. In the same way, the decoration of the workspaces is an integral part of the quality of life at work. Offices become spaces that should appeal to both employees and external stakeholders.

Decoration is a broad term that includes a set of elements: furniture, interior design, lighting, painting, colours, etc. Its main purpose is to beautify a place. When decorating is associated with the work environment, the objectives are multiple: differentiate, attract future talents, convince customers and retain current talents. 

Office decoration : the reflection of the image of a company

The first tip that companies can apply is to create premises that match their image. A decoration of a workplace in keeping with the company’s history, values ​​and visual identity helps to show the company’s coherence. Thus, the choice of colors, materials and furniture should be significant in order to keep a clear coherence.

Office decoration : a way to contribute to the well-being of workers

People spend most of their day in the working place, or at least 8 hours. But today, most offices are just left white : white walls, white desks, grey flooring… All the scientific resaerches have proved that working in a white environment is the worst : the burn-out risk is higher, productivity is not good, creativity is low, getting bored is quicker. So definitely, all this is not good from a moral and efficiency point of view ! Hence, the utility of best care for its workspaces. What are people looking for ? They want a stimulating and motivating atmosphere, where they feel well, as if they were at home. But they also want a place where they can exchange with colleagues or partners and feel confident. 9 out of 10 employees say they are more productive and creative when their offices are well-equipped. Moreover, we can see that performance is linked to well-being at work. Indeed, according to studies a happy employee is 12% more productive than other employees. The offices therefore affect the motivation and well-being of each. Similarly, well-being at work increases when employees feel more free. Specific spaces for specific purposes can be created : braintorming, resting or playing spaces…

Office decoration : a seduction tool for the employer brand

When the decoration reflects the values ​​of the company, it becomes a major asset for the employer brand. Indeed, companies use it to enhance their image with their different targets: their employees, their customers and their future talents. A nice decoration allows first of all to create an atmosphere where employees feel good. The decoration is part of a corporate culture and brings a sense of belonging. Later, when an employee is happy with his workplace, he can become an ambassador for his company. Thus, the place of work allows to keep his talents. In addition, having a workplace is essential when receiving clients. Indeed, the goal is to seduce customers who come for appointments and make them want to collaborate. Finally, attracting future recruits is an integral part of a new work arrangement. Moreover, candidates are concerned about the workplace when they apply. They will then research the workspaces of the company in question and will be sensitive to the decor when they go to their recruitment interview. For 40% of employees, the workplace was crucial when applying. Decoration is therefore also a key recruitment issue!

In conclusion, decorating working spaces is not just spending money to have nice offices, it is far much more than this. It should be part of a whole business strategy to increase the value of your company, both from a human and financial point of view. 

Here are examples of projects of office decoration the studio took on : 

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