Outdoor: 8 tips to decorate your terrasses and gardens
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I keep telling you how important it is to create a personalized atmosphere at home. I always advice you to make it colourful, warm and cozy ! And I will explain you that you should follow exactly the same steps for your outdoors!

1- Create a coherent and harmonious atmosphere for your outdoors.

One idea could be to extend your indoor decoration (its style, colours, choices etc.) to the outdoor. Or at least to check that indoor and outdoor spaces are coherent together and both tell your story !

2- Choose your flooring

Your outdoor floor should be a balance between visual beauty, easy treatment and your desires. For example, you may love a wooden flooring and find it very warm but you need also to keep in mind that it may be more complicated to clean and keep beautiful. Tiles would be much easier to take care of but also they will look colder, could be slippery etc. So there is no perfect and unique choice, just yours. Just be aware of the positive and negative aspects of each solution !

3- Select the material of your furniture

It is exactly the same analysis than for the flooring ! It can mainly be wood, steel/aluminium or polyethylene.

4- Think of adding fabrics

It is not because we are talking of outdoor that we should forget all the fabrics : cushions, rugs, shade sails and hammocks exist with specific fabrics for outdoor. So there is no reason why not thinking of them !

5- Bring the colours outside !

It can be on all the different elements: furniture and cushions of course but on the plant/flowers pots for example, or various accessories.


6- Don’t forget the lightings when necessary !

Lighting the outdoors in Iceland is a little bit different than anywhere else ! Because during the summer it is never dark so we don’t really need to add any lighting !! Maybe some nomade table lights or candles (if there is not too much wind !) could be added.

On the contrary, in the winter, it is dark most of the day, so lighting is crucial. There should be enough light where you park your car and on the path to your entrance door. So all the circulation way should be lighted up properly. And then there is also the lighting of your garden, of your house, just to create a welcoming atmosphere and offer some energy !

7- Tips for small spaces

Of course many of us don’t have outdoor spaces but maybe you have at least a balcony or small terrasse. We can think of foldable chairs and tables which will not take too much space and may be nice for a coffee or drink outside. Accessories exist that you can hang on the railway or your balcony : to plant herbs or flowers or to have something like a small desk.

8- Don’t forget your kids !

A lot of furniture, accessories exist for kids and they always very cute ! And our children always love them !

Even in Iceland outdoors are important so take the best advantages of them !!
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