The corridors of the three floors of this Senior Hotel looked very dark and old-looking ! The approach was to create three distinct atmospheres so that each resident can feel a sense of belonging when arriving at his floor. The old carpets have been removed and replaced by woven vinyl floorings, easy to live, perfectly imitating the parquet, in three different shades. The corridors are long, very long and to overcome this and bring life, we came to pace them with many different elements: photos in black and white, frames, consoles and shelves with a multitude of decorative objects. The spaces facing the elevators were worked further to create spaces for relaxation and gathering. The residents really enjoyed them ! A large light-fitting has always been chosen with care to participate in these convivial atmospheres, as well as the wallpapers. The first floor is represented by a Scandinavian atmosphere, with soft-green, pink and powdery colors. The wood is very present. On the 2nd floor reigns a boudoir atmosphere, in the tones of beige and old rose. Small lamps and plenty of decorative objects contribute to create this cozy atmosphere, slightly more feminine. The 3rd floor is resolutely contemporary with its furniture and its gray tones awakened by a more electric and dynamic blue. Many black and white photographs, taken by a local photographer, punctuate the long corridors, like a photo gallery.


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