Speech therapists’ office

The studio has been contacted by three young speech therapists working together, for their next office. There were 4 well-defined spaces: the reception and waiting area, a room used for diagnoses, another room for rehabilitation and a room specially dedicated to children. The work on the colors was the starting point of the project and their symbolism helps to understand the choices we made. The waiting space simply takes the colours of their logo. In the diagnostic room, the colours have been placed on the long wall facing the door : a graphic and dynamic wall where the orange will facilitate communication and the shades of greens will bring calm and softness. All that is needed for patients to engage with confidence. The small room of reeducation is quite naturally in a shades of blue so that the exercises of reeducation are done in a serene environment, without external stimulation. And finally the big room for the children is voluntarily very colorful. The game is widely used as a work tool and children must be active and full of energy. The colours indicate to them that this piece is for them and bring vitality and cheerfulness.


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