Sumar hús : a second home not to forget !!
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This summer, we are probably going to stay in Iceland and travel all around Iceland. And we will very likely go more to our summer houses.

What does your summer house look like ? Are you happy with its decoration and design ?

Very often we mainly invest (time and money) in our main home and the summer house comes second. We don’t concentrate that much on its decoration, gather pieces of furniture that sometimes don’t match very well together. The consequence may be that you do’nt feel perfectly well in your summer house due to a lack of coherence.

1- Think first of functionality

A summer house is often much smaller than your « normal » house ! So we need to make things efficient ! We must optimize all the spaces and the volumes.
It is important to have only the necessary stuff. We can’t afford to have untidy spaces, accumulate stuff, have unuseful things.

A good circulation inside the summer house is crucial. You can for example prefer bunk beds for your children than twin beds.

Your bathroom and kitchen should have as many cabinets as possible, preferably with drawers than doors because it is easier to see what you have inside. But as a balance, keep also empty space to let the energy flow and let you breathe !! When a space is over-crowded, we don’t feel well but oppressed.

2- Storage as the priority

We must without any doubt give a priority to storage. Don’t think only in terms of surface but also in terms of volumes. Do not hesitate to go up to the ceilings !

You can choose a bed with drawers and a sofa with a big drawer underneath.

The entrance is from this point of view an important space. Be sure that you can tidy your shoes, your jackets, hats etc.

3- Modularity as an option

Since the general space is smaller, we can’t choose big pieces of furniture. Having a large dining-table may be a problem although you may need 6-8 seats. In this case, you could choose a table with extensions. So the table stays quite small but we can make it longer when needed. You can also have folded chairs and not heavy, big ones, to save space.

4- Ok for functionality but don’t neglect the atmosphere and the decoration !! Make your summer house beautiful

At this step, there is no right or wrong , just what you like and dislike ! There are just your needs, tastes, budget and your feelings/emotions.

Many summer houses look the same, woody and grey. You don’t have to do the same, you can choose your own colours and express your personality through your decoration ! A summer house is a refuge, so no need to follow the general trends.

My first question : how do you view your summer house ?
a peaceful place ?
a place close to nature ?
A place to bring you energy?
A cocoon ?

According to the emotions you want to experience, you will choose different colours, materials etc.

5- Think of your lifestyle !

Do you want beautiful design furniture, high-quality, for an elegant and chic summer house ?
Would you prefer something more easy-going, simple not to bother or worry about any damage etc. ?

The choices of materials will be important. I guess you want something easy to clean, not to bother too much although you are supposed to rest ! But if it is also nice, it will definitely bring you happiness and joy.

6- What about second-hand stuff in a summer house ?

Very often, we tend to gather second-hand furniture, lightings or dishes to save money. This is of course a good idea but the limit of it is that you may lack harmony and coherence, and thus well-being. So it may worth it spend some money in nice furniture.

One tip can also be to repaint your furniture, customize it to give it a new birth !

7- Don’t forget the outdoor !

It is a summer house ! Even if we live in Iceland, we are able to spend a lot of time outdoor !


So now hopefully you have the whole summer to think of the new decoration of your sumar hús !!
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