The colour white: how to use it without mistakes
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I love saying that you should bring colours to your life and home ! And that I don’t like white walls everywhere ! However I am using a lot the white colour and I think we can do nothing without it !

Here are many pieces of information that you should know about white as a colour !

What does white symbolize ?

White is a pure colour like these white angels with no sex in a cotton-like paradise ! White is the colour of cleanliness, freshness, of hygiene, which you can find in hospitals, in kitchens in restaurants. White is the colour of freedom, innocence, lightness.

All these emotions are very positive and that’s why we need white at home !

However white is the colour of emptiness and death for half of the people on Earth. Too much white can have some very negative consequences. It is for example the mistake many offices are doing. It has been proved that in those white workspaces, we are less efficient, we work more slowly. The risk of depression and burn-out is much higher.

In decoration, even if it is a pure colour, white as the main colour doesn’t give energy nor peace.

Which white ?

Very often white doesn’t mean much in itself. There are so many whites. You know there are differences, without really knowing which one you should choose  and without really knowing how to deal with those differences !

There is first white closed to pure white, glacial white. This white is very cold.

Then concerning the other whites, they are different just because some colours have been added to it. Personally I rarely choose a pure white, I very often add 2% of colour. It can be an addition of blue, in this case the white is even colder. You can add yellow, which makes it much warmer. Or red, for a more dynamic and modern white.

You must never choose white by chance !

A lot of information must be kept in mind. The natural lighting for example is something which is not easy to deal with ! The colour white will be modified by the sun. And the colour of the sun lighting will change, from morning to evening, from summer to winter ! So you understand that you will have to agree with the idea that the colour of your white will never be the same.

Then you must choose your white according to the other colours around it ! A cold white will be perfect to make warm colours more lively. A warm white will match very well with cold colours and it will calm down dense colours.

You must also think of the materials around. Whether, there are warm or cold materials, of course it will influence your choice of white. If you choose a cold white, closed to glossy tiles for example, it will increase deeply the cold effect ! On the contrary if you choose a warm white with a wooden floor, the result might be too yellow at the end ! For think of your white considering the rest of the elements.

And the problem you might meet, is that if you bring several whites together, one might look dirty closed to the other, too yellow, too grey… This is definitely a possible mistake.

So everything is a question of balance and counter-balance !


White and lighting

White is of course the colour that reflects best the lighting and make the space bigger . Many people view it as a priority and the reason why they choose white on every wall. Even if this is true, I don’t quite agree with this decision, because it is the diversity that gives elevation, richness and the fact that we can compare the different lightings. If everything the same, we won’t remark it anymore. So I always advice to have at least one colourful wall and then the 3 other walls white. This is a very good balance and creates a satisfactory contrast.

What about the ceiling ?

Where is it written that the ceiling has to be white ? Nowhere !!!! So very often I don’t put a pure white on the ceilings ! I like to add a little bit of colour in it, to make it match perfectly well with the other colours around. And of course your ceiling can be dark or colourful but this is the subject here 😉

So the idea is absolutely not to forget the colour white: we absolutely need it ! But it must be chosen carefully, thinking of the contrasts around.
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