The importance of workspaces decoration : a way to increase of the value of your business and the well-being of all
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I would like to tell you about the importance of office decoration and the fact that it really should help you to increase the value of your company and your well-being !

Today, we find it very normal to pay attention to the decor of your home so that you feel well at home and welcome your guests. But people spend most of their day in the working place, or at least 8 hours.  So the working space has become a living space. So why not giving the same importance to decoration in our working place than in our homes ??!!

1- Workspaces decoration : a way to communicate your values.

Surveys show that people are definitely looking for a stimulating and motivating atmosphere, at work. But they also want a place where they can exchange with colleagues or partners and feel confident. 9 out of 10 employees say they are more productive and creative when their offices are well-equipped. Definitely the offices affect the motivation and well-being.

Companies can create a decoration that matches their image. A decoration of a workplace should keep with the company’s history, values ​​and visual identity. Thus, the choice of colors, materials and furniture should be significant in order to keep a clear coherence.

Decoration enables you to seduce people: your employees, your customers, your future recruits. 

1) A nice decoration allows to create an atmosphere where employees feel good. The decoration is part of a corporate culture and brings a sense of belonging. Later, when an employee is happy with his workplace, he can become an ambassador for his company. 

Then decoration enables you to keep your talents. 

2) Having a beautiful workplace is essential when receiving clients. Indeed, the goal is to seduce and convince customers who come for appointments and make them want to collaborate. To show your values and energy.

3) Finally, attracting future recruits. Candidates are concerned about the workplace when they apply. will be sensitive to the decor when they go to their recruitment interview. For 40% of employees, the workplace was crucial when applying. Decoration is also a key recruitment issue!

2- Workspaces decoration : a way to improve your well-being at work.

All the scientific researches have proved that working in a white environment is the worst : 

  • getting bored is quicker
  • productivity is not good
  • creativity is low
  • the burn-out risk is higher

So definitely, all this is not good for the moral and efficiency !

a- We need to start with Interior design. 

The first thing you need to think of is the general organization of the working space. 

Each space in an enterprise should have its own function : there are working, eating, relaxing spaces. 

It is important to delimitate visually each space according the function of the space. A relaxing space can’t look like a meeting room ! 

The general design of your working space depends on your objectives, on your vision and the values of your enterprise. 

  • You can stay classic by distinguishing the level of each person. In this case, individual offices will be better for a good intimacy of the employees. It offers a better productivity, but the colleguees (especially the managers) can feel more detached and less close to their collaborators. 
  • If you want to stimulate a spirit of creativity within your enterprise, coworking spaces, open-spaces can be a better solution for the dynamics of the enterprise. 
  • You can even go further and decide that there is no fixed working place and everyone settles where he wants when he arrives in the morning !
b- Let’s talk in details of open spaces because there are interesting spaces but also more demanding !
  • improve communication
  • better dialogue, better circulation of information
  • atmosphere more convivial
  • dynamism
  • gain of space : open-spaces enable to reduce by 10-40 % the total necessary surface of offices. economic advantage
  • modularity / flexibility. Open-spaces enable to make changes in the space depending on the composition of the teams and to easy the coming of new colleagues.
  • Change in relationships. Bringing together the teams erases the differences and make the manager more accessible. 
  • Increased noise. The more we are working together , the more decibels we have to bear. This can be less comfortable for the employees, but also for their concentration and productivity. 


Acoustic solutions  (for open spaces but also for in many other situations)

– Acoustic solutions : choice of materials and wall-floor coverings. Perforé ceilings, hung pannels, totems…

– Create specific spaces : for example to isolate the printing machines, spaces for the phone calls. Spaces for spontaneous meetings. 

– make former behaviours change : going out  the open space for private phone calls, avoiding personal discussions. 

c- Creating a personalized atmosphere : the importance of colours !

As we said that white walls are not a good thing for the morale of the employees, it means that if you want your working spaces to be a place where you are happy to go to and work in, it means that you will have to play with colours !! And create a surprising atmosphere.

I would like to convince you about the importance of colours.

Productivity is better in offices with strong colours ! We work better, make less mistakes, in a really colourful space. 

It doesn’t mean that all the walls need to be coloured : just one of the 4 walls may be coloured, for example in our back, and the 3 other with a neutral colour. 

Amazing powers of colours : 

orange: improves the social relations, good for communication. 

red: good if you have to be concentrated. Improves productivity. We pay more attention to details.

blue: in a blue atmosphere, we call our intuition. Better for imagination and creativity. 

pink: far much more optimistic, peaceful

green: colour for persuasion, concentration

d- Some other spaces are important not to neglect !

importance of the welcoming hall

It delivers the very first message about the company ! It reflects its identity. It is like the windows of a shop ! The idea is not to impress people but to hit the spirits, make a difference with your competitors and gain credibility. 


Comfortable, feel at ease, welcoming


Relaxing spaces

They must be calm, joyful, comfortable so that people are willing to talk and spend time together. And relax together. It is good for team-building.  Conviviality is important. 

According to studies, employees enjoy when they feel more free. Different possible situations are possible : sitting, stand up, close to the floor, up on stools, hidden, all together…

e- Furniture

All the furniture must be very comfortable, ergonomic, modern, beautiful and even exciting !! 

eg : you can work sitting for 2-3 hours and then stand up and go on working like this !

Be careful for example of 

– the height of the screen, of the chair-table-computer. cervicals/neck problems

– Feet must be on the floor. 

– Keep the back straight. 

f- Lighting

Luminous spaces are much more positive than dark ones without windows !

Natural lighting is crucial for the well-being. It seems obvious but many working spaces don’t offer it ! 

Lack of lighting make your eyes more tired, giving you headaches, irritable people and less concentration and motivation. 

A strong lighting is more energetic than a weak one, especially in winter/dark

Idea to adapt the lighting to seasons (dimmer)


g- Vegetation

Bringing vegetals and some green into the working spaces is always good for the moral, the quality of the air and thus the general health and well-being. 

It offers a positive feeling. Seeing trees and plants brings calmness and a good balance. 

And of course, if you have outdoor spaces, it is important to design them so that people can go outside when they wish. A good fresh air helps the mind to relax and concentrate again after !



The idea is to give dream and extraordinary to the employees in their daily routine. 

So in conclusion, decorating working spaces is not just spending money to have nice offices, it is far much more than this. It should be part of a whole business strategy to increase the value of your company, both from a human and financial point of view. 

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