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I would like to present you an idea to bring your taste and some of your personality in your decoration : WALLPAPERS !! I know, it is not new at all 😉 It exists for age ! And for many of us, it sounds old and we have a negative opinion about wallpapers. We imagine something old-fashion, or something psychedelic like in the 70s or something from our childhood that we don’t want anymore !! But today, editors are so much more creative, they play with real materials or reproduce materials effect, the work on colors is really precise, the patterns are very elegant and wallpapers can really be seen as a piece of art very often ! 

1- What do wallpapers look like today ? 

First of all, they are much easier to manipulate than before ! I still advice you to call a professional, a painter who knows about wallcoverings but today it is much easier to put them on the walls because we put the glue on the wall itself and the backing for the wallcovering are very thick and easy to handle. We don’t have to respect a specific time for the glue anymore etc. 

Of course there is often a match to respect and you need to look for this repeat. 

We have 3 main categories : 


They are sold by roll, 10m long and very often 70 cm or 100 cm wide. It is quicker to hang them since they are wider than before. Very often, it is vinyl wallpapers, or at least they are very strong and washable or easy to clean. They are made on a non-woven backing which is not fragile. 

They are perfect in spaces where there is more risk of damage, as they are very robust. You know all these spaces where it is easy to bump on the walls, to touch them with your shoulder or bag, staircases, corridors, halls. Or spaces where there is a risk of stains : in a kitchen, in a bathroom, in your kid’s bedroom. 

They offer a large scope of possibilities and ideas : 

  • they reproduce materials such as leather, fur, silk, fabrics, raffia, metal, straw, grasscloth, pearls etc. 

  • they also play with patterns : geometrical or floral patterns for example. 

  • and they can have outspoken colors and a large range of colors. 

There is no limit to imagination and creativeness !


They are sold by the meter, with a large width (often 100 or even 140 cm wide). These wallcoverings are using really materials, like silk, wood. The techniques to make them are very elaborate, sophisticated which explains why they are more expensive. it can be easily justified by the work behind ! It is a real craftwork. They respect a real traditional savoir-faire, are made in small crafts workspaces.


They come very often by 3m x 3m but can also be custom-made. They are like a big picture, a large drawing, a piece of art. They are unique and your wall becomes a real eye-catcher with them !

Wallpapers and especially wallcovering can appear expensive but it is not that true if you compare with a painting, mirrors, photographies which are far much more expensive. We must keep in mind that once you put a wallpaper, your wall doesn’t need more !

The wallpapers world is so large !!  It can be shiny and matte, natural and sophisticated, minimalistic and with opulence, offering lights or shadows, with intense and vibrant colors and muted hues

2- How to choose your wallpaper ? 

There are a few questions you should ask yourself : 

  • Where will you put it ? For what reason ? 
  • Will it be in a circulation space with some risk of being damaged if it is too fragile ?
  • Is there any risk of stains ? 
  • Will it be seen properly ? Of course, if there is a big piece of furniture, many windows or doors, maybe it is not worth it having a wallpaper on that space ! 
  • Are you more into patterns, into materials effects, into real materials ? 
  • Which colors would you like to bring into your space ? 

3- Ideas where to put your wallpaper 

Of course, the ideas can be numerous but here are a few of them !

  • on the wall behind your bed
  • on the ceiling in a corridor
  • in your shower ! Yes I swear it is possible !!
  • in your entrance for a very first welcoming feeling.
  • in a staircase, not to have it boing where nothing happens
  • in your kid’s bedroom to tell his story, about his universe
  • in a meeting room so that people are not bored 
  • in a relaxing space at work to enjoy your spare time
  • in your toilets not to forget this tiny little space
  • in a restaurant to offer your guests a space with a strong personality
  • in your office to be motivated while working
  • on a furniture, to cover it and give it a renewal
So to summarize, the objective is to give personality and character to a space. Paint can be very nice with a nice color but it is plain, with no movement, texture, 3D dimension. Wallpapers are more lively, never boring, surprising. You just need to find some playground to hang your wallpaper, to let it be a real eye-catcher, have a WOW effect and change completely your decoration and interior decor. 
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