Why is an electric drawing so important ?
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We’re going to talk about electricity and why is it so important to make an electricity drawing, especially when you’re building your house, or renovating your house. So in these two cases, you need to draw a very precise electricity drawing.

I am not an electrician and I don’t really have as a passion electricity but I love creating electricity drawings and I’m going to tell you why. 

Electricity drawing means electric plugs and lighting.

For each space, where do you need some plugs? And where will you need some lightings?

When I’m doing an electricity drawing, I have two things in mind, two questions. 

  • My first question is to think how you live. How electricity and lighting will help you to live in a comfortable way, how they will support your lifestyle.
  • And my second question is how lighting and electricity will help you to make your decoration even more beautiful.

We are talking about functional aspects and aesthetic aspects.

I propose you a guided tour of a house to tell you step by step what you should think of when doing an electricity drawing. 

Do you need some lighting outside?

Of course, we need some lighting outside for security reason, and also to make it very welcoming for yourself and for your guests.

Then we are coming into the house, in the entrance.

You will need a central lighting on the ceiling for sure. But if you’ve got doors opening on the way, maybe a pendant lighting is not convenient and spots lights may be better. We have to check this. You may have a wardrobe in the entrance, so would you like some electricity in it too?

Then we may have stairs.

You have different solutions also to bring some light in those stairs. You may want some spot lighting, close to the steps, every three steps. Just to show the way and also to prevent people from falling down. You could also choose a pendant light, or a wall lighting. 

Then we are entering the living space.

I’m very much against spotlighting in this space !! It’s much more comfortable to have nice lightings in the living room. 

So let’s say you need a central pendant lighting, in your sitting room. You may need another pendant light just above your dining table.

But how many additional lighting will you need? Would you like to bring some light on one wall? You may also enjoy having some floor lightings.

Where are you going to put your TV? Do you want to have a table light on a coffee table? Make sure also that you have the necessary plugs on each corner of the space.

Let’s move to the kitchen !

You will need some spot lighting in your kitchen. You need to see clearly enough what you’re doing. There is nothing worse than having a kitchen where you don’t see what you’re cooking.

If you’re changing your kitchen, you have to make a very precise, electric drawing. Think of all the necessary plugs in your kitchen.

If you’ve got an island, you can add some spot lights above the island itself, but you could also choose to have some pendant lights. It can bring something a little bit more sophisticated, welcoming, more cozy than just spotlights.

A few tips for bedrooms. 

You should have a central pendant light just in the middle of the room. This is offering global lighting, which is very convenient.

And then you will decide to add lighting on each side of the bed. It can be table lightings on this side tables of your bed. in this case, you need plugs for them. You may wish on the contrary a wall light on each side of your bed. And one third idea that I personally love is to have some small pendant light, like in hotels. In this case, you need electricity from the ceiling. You’ve got three solutions, either plug for table light, either wall lighting, either ceiling light. So of course you will not put the three of them, so you have to make a choice.

Think of the necessary plugs for one bedroom. I always recommend, at least, four plugs in the bedroom, let’s say in the four corners of the bedroom.


I highly recommend spot lighting. You have to be very careful of the spots as they have to respect the law regarding wet rooms, with a risk of projection of water.

You need a few plugs for the hairdryer, an electric toothbrush, a razor… So we need at least also two plugs. And then there’s also the question of bringing one more light on the mirror or close to the mirror. So you may need a wall light or a pendant light just on one side of the mirror.

If you’ve got an empty wall, would you like to bring some light on it?

Just to make things even more beautiful. We can play so nicely with the lightings.

Outdoors and garden

It’s so nice to add some lightings in the garden. You may want to have a hot tub also and need some electricity to bring some light in it.

As a conclusion, analyse how you’re living in your house, try to project yourself on how you’re moving from one space to the next one. Think of your needs and desires, and this will be perfect for you !!
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