Your entrance : everything starts here ! 10 ideas to make it special !
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The entrance of your home (but also of your workspace) is the first impression and feeling you are offering to people who are visiting you. And as we say: we don’t have a second chance to give a first good impression !! As it is a circulation space where you are not staying, sitting, living for a long time, it is easy to neglect it regarding decoration. And this is a mistake !! We need not to forget this space.

The entrance is a reflection of your personality. It is the very first message you are saying about you. It should be welcoming, with a warm atmosphere.

I would like to give your 10 ideas to make your entrance personal, to make it special, to decorate it nicely.

1- Create an atmosphere, don’t let your entrance white !

Choose a coloured paint, a wallpaper to have a personalized atmosphere. You can think of the colors you already have in your living space for example and make it coherent to match it with your entrance. Or on the contrary, make it very different. Ask yourself : what message do I want to deliver ? Do you want it peaceful, joyful, dynamic, relax ? 

2- Use a unique flooring for your entrance

It is possible to have a different flooring only for the entrance. This would help to visually separate the entrance form the rest of the house. 

3- Decorate your entrance thinking of details and decorative accessories

The idea here is to bring your own style through many possible elements : a large rug to make it warm and welcoming, a console to put your keys on, a piece of furniture you got from your family, a bookshelf, pictures, photos etc.

4- Don’t forget wardrobes 

In an entrance, we have many things to tidy : coats, jackets, hats, gloves, shoes, bags etc. For sure a messy entrance doesn’t deliver a positive message. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be like in a museum, meaning everything perfect and hidden ! This would be cold and non-personal. Just make it tidy but lively and warm !

5- Light your entrance up !

Lighting is always important, everywhere in the house and thus in your entrance. It doesn’t have to be as lightful as a football playground but the atmosphere mustn’t be dark either. You must find a balance between a functional and aesthetic lighting. Dare bold and design wall or ceiling light-fittings. And please no spots !

6- Create a place to sit

In an entrance, it is always nice to have a seat: to put your shoes on and also to make to more welcoming and cocooning. 

7- One wall of frames, photos and pictures ! 

Don’t be afraid to accumulate them. It is the number which makes it original !

8- Use mirrors 

In an entrance, mirrors are great for 2 reasons : it widens the space and it offers this optic vision that it is twice bigger than it is in reality. And it is also just useful to check that your make-up is not flowing away !!

9- Add a green touch

It is always nice to bring some plants in an entrance, to make it more lively and close to nature. 

10- Think of your children

It is nice for them when they have a hook at their height, when they can hang themselves theirs coats, when they have their own box to put their gloves and hat in. 

Of course depending on the size of your entrance, it will probably not be able to bring all these elements at the same time. But just keep in mind that your entrance should be welcoming and warm. 

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