Your living-room : like your neighbours’ OR just like yours ? How to make it original ?
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Many Icelanders who come to me explain me that in Iceland there is not enough creativity when talking to decoration.

They tell me that all living-rooms look the same : 

  • one sofa : grey fabrics or black leather
  • white walls
  • white or grey plain rug
  • black cabinets
  • the same accessories etc. 

There is nothing wrong to choose all these elements and that could be nice but what is not possible is that everybody is doing the same. We are all different, with different tastes, needs, personalities so how could you explain to have all the same answers ?? 

I know that everything is more complicated in Iceland than in any other countries.

We are on an island, shipping costs are expensive, there are not many shops and most of them try to make things easy for everybody, that’s one of the reasons why you feel that everybody has the same things. 

And to be very honest, some Icelanders have also admitted that they are afraid of the opinion of their friends, of their neighbours. Everybody knows everybody here, so it is more difficult to assume who you are and want. 

But please do not think you have bad taste or on the contrary do not hesitate to have bad taste !!! Bad taste doesn’t exist, it is just ours !! There are just a few mistakes to avoid 😉 

But I have some good news: I can propose you something different !! 

I can propose you solutions to be original, to create an original, unique decoration. Because I have other influences, being French !

What does it mean “being French”regarding decoration ?

French design, decoration with a French style means a mixture of different influences, of the ancient and the new together. And most of  all it means a personalized and unique decor. It is an ability to welcome every renewal, every new trends without forgetting the past, taking all the influences and reinventing them ! 

So you could bring some French lifestyle  into your home ! A mix of modernity with traditions, elegance, sophistication, materials.

How to be original? 

  • Choose a wallpaper
  • Change our old sofa for a sofa with a surprising colour and/or shape. 
  • Select great fabrics for your curtains
  • Lightings will change everything : dare new shapes, new materials and bigger sizes. 
  • Don’t be afraid to put colours on your furniture
  • Warm up your living-room thanks to rugs
  • Keep a good balance between warm and cold materials, between warm and cold colours.

So if you want a black and white living-room you don’t need me but if you want something different and that we create together your own atmosphere, do not hesitate to come to the studio !


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